» » The Jacka, Ampichino, Black Jesus - Same World 2019

The Jacka, Ampichino, Black Jesus - Same World 2019

The Jacka, Ampichino, Black Jesus - Same World 2019
  • Слушали: 39
  • Размер: 4.4
  • Длительность: 4:37
  • Качество: 320
  • Жанр: ХИТЫ 2017
  • Добавлено: 7-10-2020, 21:25
The Jacka, Ampichino, Black Jesus - Same World 2019
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Текст песни The Jacka, Ampichino, Black Jesus - Same World 2019

[Intro: The Jacka]
Right now the JA
Yea I know you know what this is
Jack, I think they know what this is
You gotta know, listen

[Verse 1 : The Jacka]
Gotta get it in right now while I‘m still fly
Fed my best friend he ain‘t never told me a lie
Double drum on the K with the wooden stock
Only time I‘m not high is when we praise Allah
Yes Allah answers our prayers when we make Salat
If not, how you explain all the things we got
Can‘t erase the times, rhymes, with amazing thoughts
This is Islam not the same road a Mason walks
Paper on my mind in the lab pacing back n‘ forth
My niggas doin‘ time man you fake if you can‘t back your word
I come from the bay you can‘t rap if you ain‘t active first
Yea active and attractive that K‘ll knock you out your shirt
Proof now my troops finna put you in your last suit
This is for my niggas locked down till their last (?)
Ballers from the hood now they too rich to pass through
We need paper cause we down but we to proud to ask you
[Hook: Blahk Jesus]

[Verse 2 : The Jacka]
(Yeah, listen)
Remember Jack too ill to let you down
Every rapper wack, the Mob back, they nervous now
Fake niggas rhymin‘ on stage they don‘t deserve the crowd
Black rolls emerge through the ground, I‘m concrete
Our enemies expose where they are, now they moms weep
Now I‘ll probably enter the same place where cons sleep
Gotta keep it lit till (?) and Kaz free
If you not part of the Mob nigga do not speak
Keep ‘em out the council weak niggas let our secrets leak
I ain‘t got a broom in my hand when I sweep the street
Hard when we began but we laugh now cause it‘s a tweak
Fast shout to my boy Cellski and (?)
I‘m gaining weight when I was young wasn‘t allowed to eat
The (?) manifested so the slums never got to me
The (?) on my digestive make me really wanna stop the lean
I scope my enemies with a throat shot like Dr. King


[Verse 3 : The Jacka]
Mob nigga too ill to have a chick
If you beef with us better sleep with a ladder clip
We find out where you sleep you better brush your teeth with a 30 dick
Ice down I answer his calls for encouragement
Fuck school I read my own books they never told us that
Civilized beings who ruled the earth first all was black
Came to my cell one night and showed it all to Jack
Every nation that went against Allah all collapsed
200 songs in 2012 they all were slaps
People seek the gems in my music because they all are facts
People pick the beat for amusement cause they not polished yet
Give away my last to feed people but then they all forget
Give away my sound to free people but they ain‘t (?)
Feed a baby steak gotta crawl before you fly a jet
Most the shit I do illegal so yo I‘m tryin‘ to kick
The government mislead the youth while the giant sleeps
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