» » Black Jesus - Death Creeping My Soul 2007

Black Jesus - Death Creeping My Soul 2007

Black Jesus - Death Creeping My Soul 2007
Black Jesus - Death Creeping My Soul 2007
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Текст песни Black Jesus - Death Creeping My Soul 2007

If I’m just afraid of Hell am I really afraid of death?
Am I afraid of the past or afraid of the words that I said?
I’m not really afraid of any people coming for my head
I’m not really afraid of the monsters under my bed
I’m only afraid of the skeletons in my closet or the thoughts that’s in my head
I’m gonna carry this shit to the grave I’ll be taunted until I’m dead
And if the memory fades of all the beliefs I read
I wanna apologize in advance to anyone above that I may have possibly disrespect
-ed because I promise at the heart I didn’t want conflict
I just wanted to know if the God I was I preached of is still within the reach of
The human grasp or if this world has fallen to sin
I just don’t have any way to escape the thoughts I’m in
I’m afraid what I say will haunt me after the coffin
Or maybe when I’m swimming with the fishes or the dolphins
I know when it comes to leaving this Earth we got plenty of options
And it doesn’t matter which one of them is common
I could be going out of this body in any way I’m just worried about how my soul is fallen
Looking at every Pastor like do I beg your pardon?
How the fuck do I relate when your new house is your biggest problem?
And I’m dealing with marksmens running with guns powered by demons
And I know we got our own reasons but the path to God through my eyes is different every season
Cuz I know who the king is but the devil controls the breezes
Does whatever he pleases on this Earth now that there’s no human form of Jesus
And I’m not denying your preaching
I just wanna know if I’m ever allowed to see him?
Cuz I’m confused on whether or not I believe him
Even tho I love him, taught to put no one above him
I just wish I could see him I just wish I could hug him
I just wish he would show himself to me even if it kills me
Because if by his side is where I’m going then that really is the real me
And I know these thoughts are risky but the devil is tryna keep me
And I’m trying to climb through the crowds to where there’s no way he can see me
And believe me, the demons he sends have a third eye
I know to have these realizations I can not be the first guy
But when the enemy is powerless he likes to abandon cowardice
And strike fear into the nervousness in side of the purposelessness
And go the way of lawlessness cuz if he knows that he’s fallen it’s
Pointless to think you have a think to lose, you just go for gain
You just go for my soul and my brain
You just go for what I know and that’s pain
You just go and try to make me think that we’re the same
But it’s bullshit
And I see what you’ve been doing you’ve been creeping in my music
And with everything you’re doing I just know you’re tryna keep me from viewing
The G-O-D the ruler of everything
Including the place your destined to burn
But I’m afraid I’ll be next to take my turn
With every little thing I learn
It makes less sense

So I’m calling out Jesus Jesus
Can you pick up the pieces?
I know it’s cliche
I know that it’s cheesy
But I’m calling out Jesus Jesus
Can you pick up the pieces?
I know it’s cliche
I know that it’s cheesy
But Jesus Jesus

The demons are creeping in my dreams and it’s creepy
But have you seen me weeping at the keeping of this place?
Is it wrong to think sometimes you’re sleeping or sweeping away my face?
Cuz when Satan has gotten my to believe that I’m a disgrace
My image of you is interrupted because I was created by your grace
I’m not tryna place the blame
I just wanna know if you’re really there where will I go?
Cuz I promise that I love you but sometimes I don’t know
If I believe you because I’m just so damn distant?
Is it really wrong of me if you’re forgiving and I’m ignorant?
What if I come to the conclusion that this stuff is play pretend?
But I promise that I still love you, my mind just couldn’t make the pieces make an end
Or beginning, my knowledge of logic is winning but is that sinning
If you’re really there?
Because using the skills you gave me you depraved me of the sense that would help make me stop going crazy cuz lately
I just wanna see you
I just wanna see you
And sometimes I would rather die and find out know than live this life for nothing and then see that you’re not there
Because I don’t fucking know when and where I will or won’t have air
Does my afterlife matter more or is it now?
Or is it both and I need to look at yours while I try to get my crown?
That’s what I wanna do and I wanna live for you but when the study session is through I just don’t know what to do
I think I’m fucked
I’m either gonna die and meet you soon or be out of luck
Cuz if I give up what’s put within my gut and follow you out of hope, what happens when I’m stuck
When I die and I see that there was no existence of who I loved
But what happens when I stop believing and relieving the deceiving teachings
And start focusing on humans instead of any being
That I can’t see or hear or reach but then when I’m deceasing and you meet me
I’m amazed when you greet me
And finally relieved the see that you see me and you’re real and you heal and I feel you delete me
From your presence for the lack of repentance and dependence on myself and then I’m sentenced to Hell?
Most people with just go with whatever’s safer but I’m concerned about that baby in the manger
I’m not just trying to save my soul I’m trying to meet the savior
Because I have a desire in my mind to meet my creator
But with all the things I’ve said today what if it’s to late, or
What if the end of my fate is
Hell no matter what?
I just think
Too much I guess
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