» Vox Fit - Always Up 2018

Vox Fit - Always Up 2018

Vox Fit - Always Up 2018
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  • Размер: 1.2
  • Длительность: 1:13
  • Качество: 320
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  • Добавлено: 7-10-2020, 22:05
Vox Fit - Always Up 2018
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Текст песни Vox Fit - Always Up 2018

[Intro: The Entertainer]

Minds are just omnipotent
But since, the common prevents
The Gents, & ladies who posses the amazing
To display these different types of when‘s
Who, what, where, why, how we exist
Have you pacing, screaming someone get information
On the types who shows great creation
Like how in the hell do these angels swell with words that helps prevail?
Where do they come from? I hear the thunder can‘t see them I wonder
What does it take to build up some faith and a great deal of patience?
Who are the ones that think is fun? And tell me why should they survive..

[Verse 1: Vox]

I‘m just a soul forever fighting the machine
Corrupt mechanisms always tryna keep us focused on green
Or only thinking when we think using the head that‘s in our jeans
Sex, money, power they say death comes in 3‘s
So I‘ll just stay sleep walking cause I‘m running from my dreams
Nightmares wake me up, sweat pouring in streams
Suicidal thoughts, surprised I made it to my teens
These notions circle through my head and gleam like brass rings
This is ain‘t America, I‘m living in Caucasia
This the white man‘s nation, I‘m just here on vacation
Un welcomed in my home, the subject of indignation
Born into hell, talk about predestination
This the truth, you‘ll never hear it on a radio station
But God knows thy works, thy labours, and thy patience
That‘s a little something from the book of Revelations
If with age comes wisdom, you might think the Vox is ancient
Studying up, cause I‘m a schoolboy like Q
Catch me with a backpack and a couple of number two‘s
Still grew up with the 9‘s & the 47‘s, like a tutor
I can show you what them numbers do
And I‘m here to extract, an exact tax on ya lives
Coming for ya head, never cutting slack
Close ya eyes, so you won‘t see the collapse
Of a shady enterprise, this is a counterattack
So witness demise

[Verse 2: The Entertainer]

Acting so innocent for your eyes
I‘m vigilant, wearing my ignorance for disguise
Your intimate, moment is blissful and then it dies
Then surprise at a given time, I arise and I improvise
Thank you Lord for granting me with these couple minutes
To handle business, deliver riddance to rivals ‘fore I finish this sentence
Like smooth criminals, blessed to be unusual
Spitting so many original mutual syllables possibly thinks it‘s habitual
Spazzing and crafting gets a reaction of hyping known for
Passion and dedication and patience is all of three
Things that you really need to succeed, God believes that you‘re too
Special, especially you‘re the one with the dreams to pursue
My survival tactics without vanity be humble
I believe that God will have a plan for me through struggles
Didn‘t even have to use profanity to pummel
But don‘t misinterpret my personality, I‘m subtle
Hysterically leave you puzzled
Go back to my thinking bubble
For clarity I will re double
Then chuckle, and then pop off and I‘ll spit like I‘m making puddles
Just terribly hit you with punchlines so hard you‘ll think it‘s my knuckles
It still isn‘t enough..
My framing of mind, consist of a picture more richer than the prime of your rhymes
Descriptions will fit ya
Predict this verse is controversial, if worse you‘ll do my rehersals
I slaughtered, shook hands in honor, move forward leave you reversal
Too basic to comprehend, no offense it‘s just common sense
I‘m not cocky, I‘m confident, to be honest I‘m opposite
I‘m more broke than broken hearts and broken promises
But the difference is, Divine Providence is fortunate
Big things will happen towards the future
If we all have a dream, we will outlive the shooters
The Entertainer

[Outro: The Entertainer]

But don‘t misinterpret my personality, I‘m subtle

Thrones (spotlight)
Crowns (reputation)
Loans (dick rides)
Bounds to be the playgrounds you see
For the founder‘s keep of how to speak
Irrelevant things, typically musically
Take up all the shine and leave you in the dark matter
I recognize your grind, I lays a chip that‘s even fatter
For your shoulder
Whoever fits the shoe congratulations
Lace ‘em up, and run for miles ‘till you‘re sober
You need to calm down, and come down while you‘re at it
Cause if you must boast at least show your weakest habits
Karma will close folders
So take the risk to see if you‘ll exist in a circle full of bricks
Go push one, then game over
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