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D-Twist - 2many 2016

D-Twist - 2many 2016
  • Слушали: 87
  • Размер: 3.3
  • Длительность: 3:24
  • Качество: 320
  • Жанр: ХИТЫ 2017
  • Добавлено: 7-10-2020, 22:24
D-Twist - 2many 2016
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Текст песни D-Twist - 2many 2016


[Verse 1]

Leather Soft but I go hard, ask around bitch i got barzzz, I got zero tattoos I can only show you these scars i don‘t beef I go to war knock x4 at yo door, lets not get it twisted yeah i am from kansas but I don‘t live on no farm, keep that nine like Tony Romo, only real niggas in the photo, if you need a picture of a living legend you can use my face as the logo, I am terrible with the promo, but I‘m still getting this doe doe, I got goons thats at ya front door where you nigga boost mobile, I go super saiyan on beats, sprite dirty like some cleats, Trill till I D.I.E, and that‘s 8 days a week, 7th letter gotta keep it G, 4th letter she get the D, car a beauty but I‘m a beast, I‘m the one word 2 Jet Li (Yeah), Look at you hear ya music swear to God y‘all transparent, Me? I kill it all the time…..Bruce Wayne parents, Fuck the free world and Clarence, You got served nigga diamonds dancing, stop hanging around people who don‘t got visions of a mansion, flow ugly like Jeepers Creepers I been dope since I had a beeper, life itself is the biggest teacher (x2), Nope she wouldn‘t in the gym but she was right there in the bleachers, We fucked up Kush got me so Wiz Khalifa


2 Many (Barzzz) x3

[Verse 2]

Young nigga sipping gatorade like its Ace of Spade these new nigga all they do is shoot they can‘t catch a fade, I done came out of Wyandotte hoes get amazed, niggas hating cuz they hoe chose flag on the play, I done been threw a lot of shit somethings shit get hectic, brand new Glock hold 17, 16 and pregnant, all i spit lyrical bullets hoe, I don‘t need a weapon, (Lex Luger in his prime hoe, I‘m Just knew for flexiin‘)
Hold on burn……damn .this the part where the beat switch, cooking niggas up this a deep dish, (7 in his back young mike vick), unintelligent soccer play, the Drago gotta dumb kick, I‘m on prozak, with this Kaliko like Krizz I be on strange shit, Non balling association, a lot of y‘all in the NBA, all we need is a lil Justice, My player……2k, All I do is spit hella barzzz word to Donald Trump toupee, I kick shit all the time young Liu Kang


2 Many (Barzzz) x3

[Outtro Breakdown]
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