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Rick The Slick - Sneak Out 2017

Rick The Slick - Sneak Out 2017
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  • Длительность: 3:58
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  • Жанр: ХИТЫ 2017
  • Добавлено: 7-10-2020, 22:25
Rick The Slick - Sneak Out 2017
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Текст песни Rick The Slick - Sneak Out 2017

(Verse 1)
Well, took a blast of vodka, then dashed
‘Cause I had to run and teach an unruly ass class
(?) adults, they’re a pain in the buttocks
“Sit your worthless asses down now and shut up!”
One tried sneaking out the back, (?)
“Hey asshole! Class just started, where ya goin’?”
(Well Coach said since all my fractures
Have healed, that I could skip this class and go practice.)
“Well, I’m afraid Stu
You’re request’s denied, now please turn to page 2
In your science book ( NO! ) the airhead hollered
“Calm down, and take your hands off my shirt collar!”
This behavior did not appear wrong to this
Clown, flung me to ground then went on to his
Practice, always gets the besta
“Don’t let that big bully get to you, professor
He’s just a big fronter, not stellar, a stunter.”
I’m 10 years older than the bitch, I STILL WANT HER
She was the girl I always dreamed about tappin’
But with my geek character, never gonna happen
‘Cause you know how redbone chicks act
Down low, workin’ on a formula to fix that

The Nutty Professor
A professor that’s a little off, but not soft

(Verse 2)
I mix some of this, some of that, watchin
(?) toxin, then I drank the concoction
(gulp, gulp, gulp) the room starts twirlin’ ‘round
(dun, dun, dun) (?)
Mouth foamin’, I’m shakin’ like schizo
Meanwhile at a club where the hip college kids go
All focus centerin’ (?)
Gentlemen’s enterin’ the building
Immediately, music stoppin’
As he’s walkin’, eyes ball out, trays droppin’
Punks couldn’t front as they drunk (?)
“Who’s this well dressed, confident hunk here?
Billy Dee but hair more curlier.”
Here comes bully from Professor’s class earlier
With Stella, walkin’ about bold
‘Til a suave motherfucker knock the bully out cold!
Start dancin’ better than kids do
Got on the mic, sang a song for the bitch too!
(Lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely) (Applause)
“Could this be Professor Walters?” “Sure coulda.”
“Did the potion really work like he truly hoped it woulda?”
Brown sugar, (?)
The name’s Buddy Love, girlfriend, (?)

(Hook) x2

Well, there’s girls all over me, I had to go “ENOUGH!”
‘Cause I felt more confident, mad showin’ off
Since I been (?) dreamgirl, (?)
Put Stella in the car, then dashed to a deserted
Area, I quickly uncovered
“How ‘bout a little bit head, my beloved?
Open up your mouth and put my big peepee in it.”
“You arrogant ass, take me home this minute!”
Shocked, I almost choked on my mucus
“Listen, I’m sorry, I’m acting like a fool ‘cause
I’m tryna impress ya, but instead I disappointed ya
First time I saw ya in my classroom, I wanted ya
So in my head I thought actin’ like a mack’ll-
Great, I’m changing, my voice just cracked.”
Left the rest of the formula on the third self
So, right before her eyes, back to my nerd self
(AAH!) the fine bitch yelled out!
Her eyes poppin’ out so far, shits almost fell out!
Explained when I make certain things, how it alters-
“You went through all of that for ME, Professor Walters?”
Said we oughta become more than friends
We tongue-kissed, and been together ever since then
Moral of the story is: ‘stead of fuckin’ ‘round
Just be yourself and have a young bitch locked down

(Hook to the end)
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