» » Marco A - The Fall of Zion 2016

Marco A - The Fall of Zion 2016

Marco A - The Fall of Zion 2016
  • Слушали: 84
  • Размер: 6.5
  • Длительность: 6:43
  • Качество: 320
  • Жанр: Другое
  • Добавлено: 8-10-2020, 18:29
Marco A - The Fall of Zion 2016
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Текст песни Marco A - The Fall of Zion 2016

[Verse 1]
I’ma die with a smile on
While alive keep my eyes on my icons
Greet the reaper with a beat and feature
And hold the game in a vice like a python
Powered up like a pylon
I gone to give a couple rappers shit to bite on
They stretch truth like its nylon
And act as if a page was like a manger out in Zion
I left the light on, my topic stay dark though
If it don’t flicker it eclipse and not partial
Yelling out to fans like marco
Like marco, still marco
Like mac, chopping trees in Eden
Snakes up in the grass so I dont smoke it I dont need ‘em
Now they tryna trade a deal with apple for my freedahm
And this streaming’s kinda fishy I dont know if I believe em
I’m a beacon for dope, I’m a fiend for the hope
I’ma leave for the fall and clean up the pieces I broke
Clean up the pieces I wrote, clean up my demons and foes
Make em presentable and sellable on beats to the folks
I get the sheep reupholstered you pushing rocks I move boulders
I part the C’s like I’m paying 50 a beat but mine colder
I swear it, 20 karats Wappers Wascally Wabbits
They say I’m wack, I say I got one, you can’t do no damage to me
You wanna be, everything I have been
Said go ahead, knew that you a has been
Past active, deck ‘em like its Magic
Pagans all get pacified by the way I’m rapping
This ain‘t a song its a summer
If y‘all dont want to come and sing a long thats a bummer
On the come up like I’m done with scuba diving
Saw the sharks that move beside me they been tryna keep me under
Still near the bottom but I’m feeling like I’m moses
My part deadly like I play in Game of Thrones its
Old shit you hoping I go with
But don’t trip like bad acid I’m on this
New groove like Kuzco
My crew not Kronk
But make moves like judo
Make moves like
Music is ice I’m Tuco its true though
You know these rappers lose hope
When hearing me
They run from my tyranny and then they tear a knee
I’m son-ing em and so my children just embarrass me
I’m god level y’all are parodies of pharisees
My ego make me sorry for the bitch that have to marry me
I eat fruit snacks on my highs, I eat humble pie on my lows
I ain‘t boom bap trap I try finding balance in it lining up my mind with the flows
I’m tryna stay together, I couldn’t state it better
I’m tryna make a million, but that won’t make it better
I hit the dabs with paperclips and clips of roaches sitting
They always burned my lips and I always burned my bridges
You didn‘t think I could, but I got even hotter
Like I was moving bricks, and then I got a chopper
I see satan’s offer, I see Goodie Proctor
Fuck I’m going crazy, think I need a chopper

[Verse 2
Now I’m back on my business my business I put on my back till its finished
My wallet stay flat so my notes ain‘t been hitting, a feature from ReallyRaheem on my wishlist
Thats if he got time cause know he got bitches and they from the six but you know they ain‘t sixes
And god bless the game but he search for our digits to shoot us a call so we know that we winning, damn
Nate Smith with the beat switch
I’m just vibing tryna come up with some neat shit
Hit em with a hit and turn it into three quick
I’m just tryna make a thou on some G shit
No defense needed E Gad we be lit
Nate threepeat these beats I swear he cleaning
Up everybody fucked when we drop this hoe
Cause these bars and stuff uh
I’m just tryna put my name on the map like Palestine
Motherfuck a doubt of mine can I try
Murdering a track all four fucking minutes with no alibi
Course I can and court’d never bat an eye
Oh man I’m the man of the hour
Every hour every day like my name Jack Bauuer
On your browser on your TV Set
Like I’m Khaled we da best
I’m just tryna get the type of shine that the beatles get
Hundred bars and running like its picking up a Xanny pack
And when the kid is finished y’all gon’ need a fucking ambulance
To keep it really candid giving something y’all can panic at
That nobody expected like a hooptie from a cadillac
Imagine that, really everybody tryna pay me up
Rappers trapping bout as hard as iggy azalea
Tryna play me a stadium have it feel like gymnasium
Hazy and faded off fans cause I know I can only make it once
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