» » Piri Piri - October Song (Live) 2016

Piri Piri - October Song (Live) 2016

Piri Piri - October Song (Live) 2016
  • Слушали: 73
  • Размер: 4.4
  • Длительность: 4:33
  • Качество: 320
  • Жанр: Новинки
  • Добавлено: 8-10-2020, 18:56
Piri Piri - October Song (Live) 2016
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Текст песни Piri Piri - October Song (Live) 2016

Simpz, Simpz, Simpz, Simpz
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[Verse 1: Tugga]
Don‘t be talking this badness, insert my blade where you‘re breathing (Ahhhh)
When the Shotgun bucked on your block, it was Jigga J that done squeezed it (Bow bow bow)
I‘ll stain up anyone‘s gwop, I don‘t give a toss, I don‘t need a reason (I don‘t)
Rise that rusty mop and bang off the dots, leave a fuckboy bleeding (Bow, bow)
Yo, fuck a quadruple stabbing, should‘ve been a quadruple M
If I rise and tan ya, I‘m aiming high, tryna leave man dead (Dead up)
Or I‘ll splash man down bait face, I don‘t give a toss, I‘m tapped in the head (I‘m tapped)
And if I hear you protect your chest
I‘ll back out my shank, dip man‘s head
Fuck a ballistic vest (You know)
We run Haringey map
Why you lying in tracks?
Who you tryna impress? (Who?)
He‘d still be alive right now if the fuckboy moved a bit to the left (Awww)
Are you taking the piss?
Gang got you and your friend, how the fuck can you flex in vids? (How?)

[Verse 2: MLoose]
I‘m due to scoring goals in the pitch, instead, I‘m scoring on your friends
Like this shit just don‘t make sense cah I still see non-stop verbal from dem (Hella chatter)
Don‘t wanna see Joobie arm extend, bro splashed that faggot and he‘s been M‘d (He did)
And Times 1 let off that skeng, you‘re lucky that ***** in the Benz like the rest of these gems (Pussies)
New pack in the air, just bill that up (Bill it)
No petty in the ped, just fill that up (Fill it)
Bro lean out the ride and drill that up (Drill it)
Now all these bad b‘s wan chill with us (Bow)
One time paigons thought they could ride
But these dickheads got bagged on the glide
I find that funny cause all the mandem roll back like DV‘s eyes (Aha!)
I didn‘t need to take the piss (Piss)
But your friends resting in piss (He is)
The other one is in my riz
And the other one getting moved on the strip
Straight cash, that‘s great business
No ticks, me, I love this shit
Now we put Ps to corn in clips so we‘re ready to drill these pricks

[Verse 3: Sneaks]
Don‘t wanna bang that, hold that steady
The corn come live like Insta
The old corn come live like Peri
I‘ve been in the trap already
2 for 15 and 3 for 20
And the drills I‘ve done so deadly
But don‘t ask for my age, R Kelly
And if you ever knew my age, I‘ll bet you change how you think (You will)
You ask me how he got chinged but I can‘t say that, put my life at risk (I can‘t)
And not cah the boys in green, for the boys in blue when they pree this whip
And if they try spin, that‘s it
Bro on the gas, he‘s letting it rip
And how could he say I don‘t drill?
Age 16, put 4 in the chings
Bro bro put 6 in the spin
We rise up mops, put 2 in the dingz
And if you wanna chill with them?
Make sure you don‘t run out of breath
And they never back their boys
They‘re bucking to gang, start running instead
And right now, I can‘t be no runner
Not long ago I was running the pebs
And I can never run from them
If you see me on toes, I was running from feds
And if it‘s feds, move just like them
I‘ll do it in secs and hop that fence (I will)
Mum asked me how my life‘s so ments
She raised me better, it don‘t make sense
Now mum wanna talk on things, I was 15 old with a 15 inch (Big one)
But she never knew that shit and I had to call mum when I first got nicked (I did)
I was sitting in cells damn pissed
NFA, buss case real quick (Bussed that!)
And the life I live is not lead but I was making my way downtown, White Chicks
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